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The Big Fiction Magazine Podcast is an exchange of ideas, a space for the fiction writers we publish to talk craft, motivations, family, and sometimes tattoos and the Midwest, among other nuances that compel their stories onto the page.

Each episode is hosted by the editors at BIG FICTION Magazine and audio engineered by Ayesha Ubayatilaka at Jack Straw Cultural Center. Theme music by Nick Droz.

This podcast is made possible by the generosity of Artist Trust of Washington and in collaboration with the Jack Straw Cultural Center.

If you're interested in advertising on or sponsoring an episode, please contact

Writer and activist Avery Irons talks Brooklyn, how setting influences what a character becomes, and how violence can become intensely personal

Author and podcaster Panio Gianopoulos discusses what inspires him to write, how family sometimes becomes fiction, and how sad can make good fiction

Writer Jen Hinst-White describes how a life journey shapes our fictions, what it takes to work through an apprenticeship novel, and the stories in every tattoo.

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