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BIG FICTION provides a home for the novelette, that long form fiction that needs more breath than a short story. We are also a home for essays, those experiments of curiosity and self-awareness that examine the lies that we believe in, consciously or not. We are housed proudly online.
Long form prose is magic. It meanders, but it also takes aim. It accumulates just as it refines its full breadth into a singular nugget. It hangs out and makes a good mess of itself. It can encompass entire lifetimes — marriages, deaths, betrayals, redemptions — in its sweep.

We value the journey of the digital mode, one that can use the visual to collaborate with the textual. And we also treasure the printed word. When we design an issue, we grab handfuls of type from antique drawers that hold the letters, quite literally, like little pieces of history. We spread them out on a table, move them around, and bring them into the present.




editors [at] bigfiction [dot] com


Seattle University

English Dept

c/o Juan Carlos Reyes

P.O. Box 222000

Seattle, WA 98122-1090

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