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Issue 9

Winter 2020


The Canon

by Brenna Lemieux

An Ordinary

Love Story

by Daniel Coshnear



by Jane Harrington


by David Rutherford

She Said,

Let There Be Light

by Chinkeung Li

Fin del Mundo

by Clare Wilson

What She Believed In

by A L Phillips

All These Cats Have AIDS


  by Jason Villemez


At BIG FICTION, we an international literary magazine that celebrates the soul of the long story: generous, transportive, and a little wild. We also invoke the spirit of the long essay: curious, self-aware, and free. We are an independent journal that publishes work from established and emerging writers twice a year.

"Truly admirable fiction, beautiful presentation, lasting quality. For lovers of any of these, Big Fiction is an indispensable gift."  - NewPages.com

what's the big deal?

We are temporarily closed to submissions. Submissions for BIG FICTION No. 11. For those who submitted during the extend round for BIG FICTION No. 10., we are reading through your wonderful work and hope to respond to you all by the end of summer.


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