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Big Fiction was created with the goal of providing a beautiful home for long fiction that otherwise would not find a place in traditional literary magazines. We are a new journal for literature at leisure—stories to curl up with for an afternoon (or pack along on your next journey), proudly housed in covers made the old-fashioned way, using foundry type set by hand and printed on a vintage press.


The long story is pure magic: It meanders. It accumulates. It hangs out and makes a (good) mess. It can encompass entire lifetimes—marriages, deaths, betrayals, redemption—in its sweep. The familiar short story and novel are much loved, but we want to turn you on to everything in between: “big” fiction with big ideas, drama, character, and vision. Great entertainment in just the right generous dose.


We treasure the physical book, the printed word. When we design an issue, we grab handfuls of type from antique drawers that hold the letters, quite literally, like little pieces of history. We spread them out on a table, move them around, bring them into the present. We measure or eyeball as we see fit. We go by feel, we play. Every issue is crafted uniquely in the spirit of creating a gorgeous, lasting book, while having a great time.


Who We Are

Editor Heather Jacobs’ work has appeared in Sin City Poetry Review, The Lumberyard, and Fugue. She formerly served as an editorial consultant at Sarabande Books and apprenticed with Larkspur Press, both in Kentucky. She currently lives in Seattle with her husband and son.



Jon Jacobs helps us mind our digital p's and q's. He is a project manager by day, and a puzzler, tech guru, reader, artist, and awesome dad the rest of the time.






Master Printer Lynda Sherman has been the proprietor of Bremelo Press since 2000. After an apprenticeship with the legendary printer Dikko Faust in New York City, she returned to Seattle and for ten years has worked under the Bremelo imprint. In her colorful studio in Seattle’s International District, Lynda prints what matters on a 104-year-old Chandler & Price and a Vandercook proof press from the late 1960s.





 Editorial intern Adrienne Athanas is a Lynchburg College graduate with a B.A. in Literature and Creative Writing. She recently attended The New York State Writers Institute where she studied fiction. Adrienne aspires to build an authorship in young adult fiction and continue finding puns in Les Miserables. Find out more about Adrienne here.




 Editorial Intern Lauren Hohle earned an interdisciplinary bachelor of arts degree from the University of Redlands, in “Framing and Narrative: Creative Writing, Film, and Social Justice.” Her work has been published in The Dos Passos Review, and she is on pace to watch three hundred and twenty films this year.


Readers: Jeannette Bahouth, Lauren Hohle, Janice Lee, Hollie Levine, Melissa Llanes Brownlee, Alice Marshall, Donna Miscolta, Derek Mong, John Nardone, Sharon Reitman, Will Rose, Kelle Schillaci, Meredith Stewart, Rachel Swearingen, Allison Wilkins






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